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Fertility, in all its complex nature, is largely influenced by your age. As individuals age, their fertility decreases due to various factors such as a decline in the quality and quantity of eggs in women, and a decrease in sperm quality and quantity in men. This means that as we get older, it becomes more challenging to conceive a child.
For women, the most fertile period is typically in their 20s and early 30s. After the age of 35, fertility starts to decline more rapidly, making it harder to get pregnant naturally. Additionally, the risk of pregnancy complications such as miscarriages and chromosomal abnormalities also increases with age.

The Female Biological Clock

Research suggests female fertility begins to decline in the mid-30s.
  • The decline in egg quality and quantity: Over time, the number of eggs available reduces and the remaining ones tend to have chromosomal abnormalities leading to lower pregnancy rates.
  • Increase in health conditions: Diseases like endometriosis and fibroids may develop, impacting fertility negatively.

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Male Fertility and Age

Unlike women, men continually produce new sperm. However, the quality does not remain the same.
  • Sperm quality and quantity: As males age, sperm count decreases. Moreover, the remaining sperm may have DNA damage.
  • Sexual function: Advancing age often results in erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.
Do not let your worries go unchecked. With the best fertility treatment in Bangalore at Nandini Women’s Clinic, we help evaluate and treat male fertility issues too.

The Emotional Aspect

Exploring the emotional side of the coin, the sense of an expiring biological clock can leave both men and women feeling stressed and anxious. This emotional turmoil can further affect fertility. But remember, you are not alone. Our team at the infertility center in Bangalore supports and guides you throughout this emotional labyrinth.

Factors Influencing Age-related Fertility Decline

  • Age
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Smoking
  • Excessive Drinking
  • Stress
  • Obesity
Regular health check-ups and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your fertility.
Age undoubtedly plays a significant role in fertility. But remember, every individual is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Connect with us at Nandini Women’s Clinic, the best fertility clinic in Bangalore. With our expertise, trust, and authority on the subject, we are here to guide you through your fertility journey. The clock may be ticking, but with the right care, there is hope.

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