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About us

Nandini Women’s Clinic is a renowned healthcare establishment dedicated to providing quality healthcare and wellness services for women. Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including gynecology, infertility/IVF, obstetrics, menopausal care, and maternal health. With a team of highly trained medical professionals, we strive to deliver personalized and exceptional care to our patients.

Our Visionary Leader

Dr Nandini Malleshappa Hadalagi

Our visionary leader and Managing Director, is a highly accomplished medical professional. With her expertise and guidance, we are proud to have her at the forefront. Dr Nandini is a distinguished graduate of the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and holds a fellowship in reproductive medicine. Her extensive experience includes conducting deliveries, caesarean sections, hysterectomies, and assisting in laparoscopic surgeries, showcasing her unwavering dedication and exceptional skill in women’s healthcare.

At Nandini Women’s Clinic, we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all our patients. With our expert medical team and Dr Nandini’s leadership, we strive to deliver exceptional care tailored to each individual’s needs, keeping them informed and supported throughout their medical journey.